Studentenraad TU Delft

Wiebke Scheepens

Age: 20

Study programme: Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Managementwiebke

Hey! My name is Wiebke Scheepens and this year I will be the secretary of the 4th ORAS-board. This not only means keeping track of the minutes during meetings, but also making sure everybody’s agenda is orderly and up-to-date, taking care of the membership-database, maintaining contact with all members, and sending out the monthly newsletter. Aside from this, I am busy with my bachelor degree Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management, at the TPM faculty.

What I find most exciting and challenging for this year is my specialisation, namely being part of the symposium-committee as a board member. This year marks the third consecutive year wherein ORAS organises an extensive symposium for all TU-students. A day filled with speakers and lectures that aim to inspire and motivate you to think critically. We have already started to look at the options to make this year’s symposium another big success.

Latterly, with the board as a whole we are responsible for organising numerous activities throughout the year. These include the annual Christmas-dinner for all ORAS-members, and the ‘get-to-know-ORAS’ drinks, meant to inform students about what ORAS does and what opportunities we can offer you to contribute to this, should you be interested to do so (e.g. committee-work).