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Board 4

ORAS is a student association which is led by the board. The ORAS board consists of four students with different study backgrounds who are active members of different student associations in Delft. The board consists of three (standard) board members (chairman, secretary and treasurer) and a fourth board member (general board member) who is at the same time fraction member. The ORAS fraction members represent the TU Delft students in the university student council. The general board member takes care of a smooth communication and cooperation between board and fraction. The association consists of approximately 200 students who are interested in co-determination and policy making within in the TU Delft environment. ORAS members do not focus on their studies alone but help think of improvements for education, facilities and personal development.


The association consists of different bodies: the board, the fraction, the advisory board and the members (general meeting of members). The board hosts the general meeting of members four times per study year. Every month the board  organises drinks and activities for members and interested students.

The board functions since study year 2013-2014 as an independent body (before the board tasks were completed by the fraction members). This means that the independent board can actively focus on the recruitment of new enthusiastic ORAS members, the organisation of successful drinks and activities, and the flourishing of the association. Besides the (standard) board tasks as chairing meetings and managing finances, the board attempts to organise interesting events like a grand symposium, a debate with political heroes or directors, etc.

The board searches for new members! Interested students can become members of ORAS. The ORAS members (with different study and student association backgrounds) together form a character-building and sociable society which stands for co-determination, interesting debates and good conversations.

The board wants to improve the representation and name recognition of ORAS this study year. Are you joining us?

wouterWouter Schaberg


President of the ORAS board


wiebkeWiebke Scheepens


Amanuensis of the ORAS board


montijnMontijn van de Ven


Treasurer of the ORAS board


josephineJosephine Dumas


General board member of ORAS