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Useful websites

There are a lot of useful sites within the TU Delft, that you can use as a student. A lot of these websites are not very easy to find. The high amount of websites within the TU Delft causes the loss of overview. ORAS has the solution: this handy page on which you can find all useful websites.

Do you have any addition to this list? Let us know! Mail to is a handy tool, initiated by ORAS. Here you can see where, and how much, desktops are free to use on campus! Almost every computer can be found through the WAS. Nowadays, another way to find your workspace is developed: Mapiq and tudelftlibrary.mapiq.netMapiq is another initiative by ORAS that had been developped at the Library and at the faculty of IDE. It gives insight on the amount of free desktops in a 3D map. In the Mapiq system of the Library you can even book rooms with your Net-ID!
TU Delft Library - Mapiq
repository.tudelft.nlA database where a lot of end projects of both the BSc and MSc are stored. Besides this you can find a lot of publications in the repository. studiegids.tudelft.nlA site with information on all courses (study guides).
Untitled-5collegeramacolleges.tudelft.nlA site with all recorded lectures. blackboard.tudelft.nlOn blackboard you can find all information on your courses.
minor.tudelft.nlThe homepage for finding a minor. All information about thematic and individual minors is found here. meldingen-ict.tudelft.nlA site with all notifications about system breakdowns and maintanance on ICT of the TU Delft.
huidigeroosters.tudelft.nlThrough you can see the schedules of the lecture halls at the TU Delft. If you mail to the faculty in which the lecture hall is located you can book the room. webdata.tudelft.nlThrough you can reach your TU Delft workspace. You can also add a network-URL to the workspaces on your desktop. You can find a tutorial on this here.
buitenland.tudelft.nlThis is the site where you can find everything for exchange programmes and studying abroad. icthandleidingen.tudelft.nlAn overview with all manuals that you need at the TU Delft.
webprint.tudelft.nlHere you can install the follow-me printers of the TU Delft. The manual on installing your printer is found through is an ORAS initiative. Here you can sell and by a lot of second hand books.
sid.tudelft.nlHere you can find all ICT service desks with their opening hours. afstuderen.tudelft.nlA useful site where you can go for questions about graduating.
weblogin.tudelft.nlUntitled-5Through this site you can access your remote TU Delft desktop. You can also do this through the Citrix Receiver. For installation, check the ORAS manual. TU Delft page where the ‘frequently asked questions’ about the Central Student Administration are answered.
e-service.tudelft.nlAt e-service you can adjust your personal information and settings. You can set the adress to which you would like to forward your TU Delft e-mail to. Also you can sign up for the notification mail when there is a grade update in OSIRIS. Click here for the manual. partneruniversities.tudelft.nlHere you find an overview on all parter universities of the TU Delft. Very useful for exchange programmes. Filters can be added for example on countries, or faculties.
password.tudelft.nlThrough you can change your TU Delft password. You can also change your phone number here.

Outside the TU site that gives a complete and up-to-date overview of Dutch international programmes. wolframalpha.comA useful site for difficult calculations and mathematical functions.
studeersnel.nlA website for old exams and extra study material. This dutch website contains also a lot of english material. Transfer matrixHere you can find all the options for transfers from BSc to MSc studies, for all universities and universities of applied science.
Collegerama shortcut keysWatch your lectures back super efficiently, with these shortcut keys!