Studentenraad TU Delft


To make everything more easy, we made an overview of some important tools.

Mobile printing

Always wanted to print from your mobile devices? That is now possible thanks to ORAS. Download the manual here.




Osiris mailAutomatic email by new results

Stop F5-ing on Osiris when you’re curious about your result. By an initiative of ORAS, you can automatically receive an email when a new grade has been submitted. You do have to activate this. Do you want to know how? Click here.



Opening hours at the TU Delft

It is not always easy to find when some buildings are opened. That’s why we made an overview of the opening hours of all the faculties during the exam period.



CitrixVirtual software

Virtual Software is een Initiative by ORAS which is realised in 2013. When you download the Citrix Receiver via the appstore for your smartphone, tablat of via for your laptop, you can access the virtual desktop everywhere when connected to the internet. At this web page you can find the manuals.

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