Studentenraad TU Delft

Board Meeting, 29th of January 2015

On January the 29th the fourth Board Meeting took place. The following topics were discussed:

  • Exchange Grants
  • Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minors
  • Policy for elite sportsmen
  • Mid-term review
  • Opening faculties in weekends

Exchange Grants

Next year the ministry of Education, in cooperation with the TU Delft, makes 100 student grants available for improving international mobility. 29 of the 100 grants are meant for outgoing exchange, 71 for incoming exchange.

In the Board Meeting, the Student Council pointed out the difference between the two numbers. The Student Council emphasised that we would like to see a balance between incoming and outgoing mobility. Anka Mulder agreed on this point, but wasn’t planning on changing policy on these matters.

LDE minors

Good news within the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus agreement: Next year the three universities open their minors for each other’s students. From now on you are able to do a minor at the Erasmus University or in Leiden. This topic was also subject of the Board Meeting. The Student Council stressed out that some difficulties should be taken care of, like the digital environment that differ between the different universities. Besides this, the Student Council is worried about the capacity on certain popular minors at the TU Delft: if Leiden and Erasmus students sign up for these minors, there will be even bigger capacity problems.

Policy for elite sportsmen

The Student Council has reacted positively on the new policy for elite sportsmen as presented in the previous Board Meeting. We have promised to approve on the new policy, which will be done by an official letter. However, the Student Council pointed out the importance of clear communication about the new policy to the sportsmen themselves.

Mid-term review

The TU has been doing an extra evaluation on their institution, supported by third parties. The results of this so called ‘Mid-term review’ were published in November. This Board Meeting the reaction of the Executive Board was discussed. The Student Council highlighted the points that are most interesting for students: new curricula, BSa and the Student Loan System. The Student Council pointed out that there has been a cultural shift among students regarding study progress and warned the Board for measures that are initiated before proof of the need for those measures is observed. How can one measure be evaluated if another measure is already initiated?

Opening faculties in weekends

The Student Council has received complaints about the lack of study places, mostly during the exam periods. We have been discussing this with the university to see what can be done about these problems. In the previous Board Meeting,  the Board and the Student Council agreed to measure the occupancy of study places. After this would be decided whether there will be need for extra places.

During the exam period more than 100 study places were created, which the Student Council was very content about. However, we are still waiting for the estimate of costs for opening an extra faculty: that will be given a higher priority by the Board. This because we still see that the Library is overloaded.

Anka Mulder agreed on the fact that it’s a positive thing that more and more students study on campus. The Executive Board would like to accommodate this need of space as much as possible.