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Board Meeting, 18th of December 2014

Before the start of the winter holidays, the third Board Meeting between the Executive Board and the Central Student Council took place. Three subjects were discussed:

  1. Graduation Support Scheme (GSS)
  2. New accreditation system
  3. Policy for elite sporters

Graduation Support Scheme (GSS)

The GSS is a compensation for extracurricular activities. This scheme makes sure that extension on your study progress will be compensated. For example the boards of study and student associations get financial compensation for the months that they don’t study while they pay tuition fees. Besides this financial compensation the GSS makes sure that the extension of your study duration will be recognised as useful time.

At the moment the GSS is bound to the student grants. If the plans of the government will be achieved these student grants will disappear, which means that there must be a new GSS policy. To secure that everything is clear to students that might want to involve themselves in extracurricular activities next year, the Student Council pleaded for the Executive Board to hurry up on finishing this new policy.

In the annotation, written by ORAS, that was discussed during the Board Meeting, the Board was advised to take the following actions

  • The GSS will be the same as the past years with budget that will be equal or will grow in comparison to last year;
  • The growing amount of GSS months dedicated to students that suffer from unexpected events (illness etc.) will not influence the GSS months that compensate students for extracurricular activities
  • Secure clarity about the new GSS policy before the 1st of March.

Signed by all study associations (SVR) and student associations (VeRa) and the Central Student Council, this annotation was discussed at the Board Meeting. The Executive Board does not want the GSS budget to grow and didn’t want to make any other commitments on that matter. Besides this the Executive Board didn’t want to say anything about the new policy. However, the Board promised to finish the policy before the first of March.

New accreditation system

To call yourself a university the institution must be ‘accredited’. External parties will take a close look on the quality of the institutions education. This process takes a lot of time, because all faculties must be accredited separately. A lot of Dutch universities don’t want this system because of this, and plead for a different system. During the Board Meeting the current system was explained and the changes that might come were presented. Other universities would like to see that just the institution will be accredited instead of all faculties. The Student Council will form his opinion on this matter.

Policy for elite sport

The TU Delft wants to make it possible to study while you sport at elite level. During the Board Meeting the head of the elite sports department of the TU Delft presented the changes, proposed to the policy on elite sport. These changes serve to give more flexibility to elite sportsmen in their curriculum. The TU wants to support them by providing them with more study guidance and the possibility to do exams from outside the campus. The Student Council is positive to this measures, but remarks that this flexibility should apply to all students. The responsibility that you have to take while studying at an university is helpful to every student.

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