Studentenraad TU Delft

Meeting Cycle

Within the Central Student Council (CSC) there is a cycle of meetings we go through every 4 weeks. This cycle consists of four phases that each take one week.

Week 1, Agenda Meeting

The Agenda Meeting is an informal gathering with Anka Mulder (Vice President for Education and Operations of the Executive Board). In this meeting the agenda for the Board Meeting is determined. Subjects of the Board Meeting are brought in by the Student Council and Anka Mulder. The participants of these meetings are de chairman and secretary of the CSC, Anka Mulder, the administrative secretary of the CSC and the speaker of the CSC.

Week 2, Committee Meeting

Within the CSC there are a couple of council committees. Within these committees the subjects of the Board Meeting are extensively discussed. Within these committees the subject specialists of both parties of the CSC talk about the subject in more depth. After that all the points will be discussed with the entire CSC in the Internal Meeting

Week 3, Internal Meeting

The Internal Meeting is a formal gathering between the parties within the CSC. Other participants are speaker and the administrative secretary of the CSC. In the Internal Meeting all the topics that will be discussed in the Board Meeting, will be prepared. A common position will be taken by the CSC, and strategies for the Board Meeting are drawn up.

Week 4, Board Meeting

The Board meeting is a formal gathering between the CSC and the Executive Board (Anka Mulder). The meeting is public. In the Board Meeting the CSC wants commitment on certain matters by Anka Mulder and the CSC will give his advice on cases. Besides Anka Mulder and the CSC the speaker and the administrative secretary will be present. Also there will be some staff members of the DUT to give a presentation or extra explanation on subject of the agenda. Spectators of the Board Meetings are commonly members of Faculty Student Councils, Study Associations, Student Associations and the Delta (university paper). The Delta often uses point mentioned in the Board Meeting for their articles.