Studentenraad TU Delft

Student Council

The Central Student Council (CSC) is the only part of the DUT that legally represents all the universities students. De DUT is being controlled by the Executive Board, assisted by two participation organisations. De CSC is the participation organisation for and  run by students, where the Works Council represents all staff members of the DUT. The CSC consists of 10 students. Each year in may there are elections to determine who will join the CSC next year.

The CSC advices the Executive Board on decisions that need to be made. For example decisions on vocational guidance, regulations concerning students, study places and other student facilities. On some topics the Student Council has veto right, which means that the CSC had to permit on the plans of the DUT.

Besides the right of consent the CSC has the right of initiative. That means that the CSC can come up with ideas to improve the quality of education and student affairs in cooperation with staff members. Successful examples are the mechanical and math counter in the Library and Collegerama.

Each month the CSC gathers with the Vice President for Education and Organisation of the Executive Board. Since April 2013 this function is done by Anka Mulder. During gatherings topics like the binding recommendation on continuation of studies and the numerous fixus are discussed. These gatherings are public.

The system of participation had evolved in the last decades. You can learn more about this history if you click here. Off course there is a big organisation system behind participation. Besides this, here you can find more information about the gathering cycle that the CSC goes through every four weeks.