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150626Campus_Den_Haag_-_LeidenDUT is working intensively together with Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. This yielded several joint bachelor and master programmes and minors, and furthermore, collective research is done. A new development is the plan to move a master programme from the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management to Campus The Hague of Leiden University. – Lees verder

IDEALiStiCA couple of weeks ago an IDEALiStiC conference was held in Delft. IDEALiStiC is a collaboration between all student council parties from all individual IDEA League partners.

The IDEA League is a strategic alliance among four leading European universities of technology:


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAORAS has been involved with the Library for many years. For example: we already achieved the XXL opening hours. The Library has these XXL opening hours 3 weeks per quarter. At the moment, these weeks are at the end of each quarter. However, a lot is changing regarding exam periods. Often (intermediate) exams are held in week 5. At which 3 weeks do you prefer XXL opening hours? Fill in our survey below!  – Lees verder

Foto websiteFor the third time this year, ORAS visited all faculties to give you a cup of coffee and give you hand-out surveys: the ORAS comes TU! This time it was about the investments the DUT has to make. “What would you do with a million euros?” was the question we asked you. We collected 1947 surveys, and the results you can find below! – Lees verder

The elections for the Student Council will almost start. That’s why the Campaign Committee is preparing for the campaign. Are you curious who these students are? You can read more about them in this article.

Our number one and first chick of the list is Julie Fraiture. This hyperactive girl studies Life Science and Technology and you can always find her on a party with a smile on her mouth from ear to ear. – Lees verder

Exams_0Would you like to have your resits in July or in August? At the moment, ORAS is trying to figure out what the best moment is to do your resits. For us it is important to know what you think! Maybe you want your resists as soon as possible, because you want to go on summer holidays for example. ORAS thinks that the moment of your exams must be for every faculty the same. What do you think of the following questions? Let us know and fill in the survey! – Lees verder

A renewed Blackboard?

March 18th, 2015 | Geplaatst door Mathijs Hoogland in Changes in education | Education | ICT

computerWe have been using Blackboard for almost 15 years now as our learning management system. Our current contract with Blackboard is ending and with this we are obliged to enter into a European tender procedure to select a platform for the next period.

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introductie week multicultural eventIn the past, the buddy program was organised per faculty where students were linked together only based on subject of study. ORAS will establish a TU-wide buddy program in cooperation with ISAD!

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Latest newsletter online

January 29th, 2015 | Geplaatst door Suzanne Janssen in ORAS

CaptureORAS is constantly trying to improve student life. We want to give you an update about our achievements. Click on the image to view the full page. Or go to this page to get an overview of all our factsheets.

IMG_7565Just before the Christmas holidays the Board Meeting between the Student Council and Executive Board took place. We have discussed about the Graduation Support Scheme, the new accreditation system and the policy for elite sporters. Are you curious about the outcome of the discussions? Click here to see the total report.