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February 15th, 2016 | Geplaatst door Noortje van Wageningen in ORAS

2016_02_15_ORAS_Whatsapp_FBDo you have any complaints, questions or good ideas? Help us by contact us! We now have whatsapp. You can contact us during office hours, the number is +316 4603 2348. You can also still email us (, call us (015 27 81768) or Facebook Message us!

Results ORAS Comes TU

December 18th, 2015 | Geplaatst door Noortje van Wageningen in ORAS comes to TU

2015_11_26-Enquete-OKNJT-EN-(print)  Blended learning is being more and more lecturers use digital education materials. But what do students think about this development? At the beginning of the month we asked your opinion. We’ve collected and processed the results with Ans Delft. Want to know what students think about the current format of lectures? Check the results below!

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Selection Dual Bachelor AP/AM

December 9th, 2015 | Geplaatst door Lotfy Hassan in ORAS


During the 188e Board Meeting between the Student Council and Executive Board the “2014 Annual Report of the Committee for Objections and Appeals for Examinations” was discussed. In this document it was stated that the DUT has a selection procedure in place for the dual bachelor Applied Physics / Applied Mathematics, where future students get selected based on their high school grades for Math and Physics. ORAS, in principle, opposes selection, certainly if done solely based on grades. Legally, an university may only select students if an enrollment quota is set, which is not the case for AP nor AM.

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foto OKNJT 2.0 Today and tomorrow are the ORAS-comes-TU-days! We’re interested in your    opinion about your education and the ways in which it could be improved in the future. That’s why we will be handing out more than 2000 surveys. Did you miss us? Do this quick poll or mail your thoughts about the matter to

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Results of survey sports card

July 7th, 2015 | Geplaatst door Malou Visser in Sports

S&CTo gain more insight into the needs of students when buying a sports card at Unit Sport & Culture, ORAS has recently launched a survey in cooperation with the Delft Student Sport Council. Students who sport at a sports association and students who make use of the facilities individually have both filled in this survey. We have also asked students who haven’t bought a sports card this year to give their opinion. In total 1200 surveys have been completed and this has resulted in the following results! – Lees verder

New faction of ORAS

July 1st, 2015 | Geplaatst door Suzanne Janssen in ORAS

ORAS F42The 42nd faction is almost finishing their year at the Student Council. We have had a wonderful year, where we’ve been working on Education, Facilities and Student Affairs. Now it is time for the next 7 fresh and green apples! The new faction already divided the different topics among eachother, and they can’t wait for next year to make studying in Delft better for students!  – Lees verder

150626Campus_Den_Haag_-_LeidenDUT is working intensively together with Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam. This yielded several joint bachelor and master programmes and minors, and furthermore, collective research is done. A new development is the plan to move a master programme from the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management to Campus The Hague of Leiden University. – Lees verder

IDEALiStiCA couple of weeks ago an IDEALiStiC conference was held in Delft. IDEALiStiC is a collaboration between all student council parties from all individual IDEA League partners.

The IDEA League is a strategic alliance among four leading European universities of technology:


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAORAS has been involved with the Library for many years. For example: we already achieved the XXL opening hours. The Library has these XXL opening hours 3 weeks per quarter. At the moment, these weeks are at the end of each quarter. However, a lot is changing regarding exam periods. Often (intermediate) exams are held in week 5. At which 3 weeks do you prefer XXL opening hours? Fill in our survey below!  – Lees verder

Foto websiteFor the third time this year, ORAS visited all faculties to give you a cup of coffee and give you hand-out surveys: the ORAS comes TU! This time it was about the investments the DUT has to make. “What would you do with a million euros?” was the question we asked you. We collected 1947 surveys, and the results you can find below! – Lees verder