Studentenraad TU Delft

OV 3 June

On the 3rd of June the monthly meeting of the Student Council and the Executive Board took place. This were the discussion points:

  • Education capacity
  • Switchers from universities of applied science
  • Student council elections

Education capacity

Last month the first estimation of the number of new bachelor students was announced. Most studies have more pre-subscriptions than previous year. The faculty of 3mE expects an enormous growth. The studie mechanical engineering expects about 750 new students. In the Board Meeting the student council expressed their worries on this hudge growth. We are afraid that the quality of education is in danger with these amounts of students. The board shares these concerns, they want to look for the solution in acquiring more employees and building more educational buildings. The student council agrees that this is important, but is afraid that it will be challenging to accomplish this on short notice. This is why the student council noticed that if we aren’t able to accommodate all students without keeping our level of education, we should think of a student stop. The board said that this isn’t desirable because of the hudge shortage of engineers.

Switchers from universities of applied science

A presentation from Education and Student Affairs is given about the switchers of Universities of Applied Science, such as Haagse Hogeschool (HHS) to TU Delft. It appears that many of those swithers don’t accomplish the Master of TU Delft. Therefore, the intake criteria has become stricter to improve this, such as a English language test. However, there are still a lot of problems present concerning swithers who switch via ‘the bridging minor’.

The courses at TU Delft doesn’t fit into the bridging minor due to a mismatch in different time schedules. In addition, the bridging minor is insufficient to switch from Haagse Hogeschool/InHolland to a Mastertrack of TU Delft.

As a result TU Delft would like to discharge the minor. Switching is still possible, only via a bridging year. Besides, students who follow the honours program do get the opportunity to obtain bridging courses within that program.

The Student Council still has to deliberate, but they are positive at first glance. They are curious about the statistics concerning switchers who have accomplished their Master track without delay via a bridging minor.

Student council elections

The election results for both the Central Student Council as the Faculty Student Councils  are known since Friday the 22nd of May. The (central) student council has explained  about the campaign and elections at the meeting with the executive board. Furthermore, both student council factions (ORAS and Lijst Beta) explained the differences between the visions of the factions.

The turnout of the election has reached a record level this year of 40.6%, the second highest turnout for student council elections in the Netherlands. Next year ORAS will take place with 7 seats and Lijst Beta with 3 seats in the  student council.