Studentenraad TU Delft

Montijn van de Ven

Age: 20 jaar

Study: BSc Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis & Managementmontijn

My name is Montijn van de Ven, this year I’m the treasurer of ORAS board 4. Besides that I fulfill the role of Commissioner of External Affairs.

As a treasurer I’m responsible for the financial administration of the ORAS association. I’m always aware of revenues and expenses of the association and make sure all bills are paid in time. I also work closely with the treasurer of the Faction and treasurers of our committees to actively keep the ORAS finances in order.

In addition to my role as treasurer I fulfill the specialization External Aiffairs within the board. Next year, I’ll be dealing with the profiling of the ORAS association to external parties. Throughout the year we organize fun activities for students to introduce them to ORAS in an accesible way.

Finally, as Commissioner of External Affairs I’m also in contact with companies. Along with the Commissioner Acquisition of the Faction we make the link between companies and students. As Commissioner of External Affairs I’m the intermediary for companies to ORAS and I give organizations the opportunity to get in contact with potential students.