Studentenraad TU Delft


ORAS has completed a lot of initiatives successfully. You can find a short list of completed initiatives here.

Collegerama neemt veel colleges op binnen de TU

ORAS ensured that Collegerama is available at our university. It already is a great success at the faculties that use it. ORAS pleads for more use of Collegerama at the TU Delft.

ORAS is an advocate of projects in which students get the chance to bring theoretical knowledge into practice. Currently, this happens in student teams like Formula Student, Formula Zero, the Solar Boat, etc. ORAS also achieved compensating months (RAS) for the participants in these projects. Moreover ORAS made sure that students can participate in these student projects in a minor.

WAS is short for Workspace Availibility System. On this website you can easily find available computer workplaces. Scheduled practicals etcetera have been made visible as well.

Currently ORAS is working on an update of WAS.  We want to make it more easy to find a workplace, so we made a connection with the floor plans of the faculties using this new software. This new project is called MAPIQ and you can take a look right here.

To create a better integration between international and national students, ORAS has initiated the master kick-off days to connect different people from different studies and nationalities.

During the exam periods time is expensive and cooking a meal costs a lot of time. Together with Sodexo we realised the exam meal. A cheap and nourishing meal, so you have more time left to study.

Studenten kunnen met al hun vragen over wiskunde en mechanica terecht bij het loket

If you’re having problems with math or mechanics? You can always contact the math- and mechanics-window (wis- en mechanicaloket in Dutch) in the library! You can also contact them online.

In addition to the initiative of the expand of the software on the Library computers, ORAS made sure that your software is now linked to your faculty. Everywhere you would log into a TU Delft desktop computer system you should have the software you need installed. At the moment there is a pilot in the Glass Hall of the library.

Besides that you can run your virtual desktop on any mobile device! Click here for more information and download the installation manual for the virtual desktop.

In an organization like the TU Delft a lot of paper is being wasted every day. To stimulate a responsible and sustainable way to use paper, ORAS has initiated to make sided printing cheaper than single-sided printing.

Laptopsloten kunnen gratis geleend worden in de bibliotheek

Just chilling in the Mekelpark or relaxing with a cup of coffee in the coffee corner? At the service point you can borrow a laptop locker for free and be secure that no one steals your laptop.

To create an overview for all students who are into sports, ORAS has initiated to make billboards with information about all sports all year.

On you can sell and buy your studybooks online! It used to be only for Dutch students, but ORAS wanted to include international students too.