Studentenraad TU Delft

Daily pursuits

As ORAS we are busy with affairs that directly concern students. That holds for example high quality education, IT and facilities. That makes sense, but the Delft University of Technology is a large institution with many students and employees. ORAS is in contact with a lot of these people in order to achieve the best for its students. So now what are the pursuits of a member of the ORAS faction?


Within the council faction the pursuits differ, depending on one’s function. The council files are divided into three portfolios:

  • education
  • facilities, campus & housing
  • student affairs

The council members spend most of their time on their portfolio. Furthermore, everybody has a faction function that takes up part of the time. The amount of time spent on a function depends on the function. For example, the chairman is busier with affairs related to his function than the treasurer.

Next to the portfolios and the function, everybody has a specialisation. These are special subjects for which somebody is responsible. One of us is specialised in laws & regulations and someone else is concerned with our University’s budgetary affairs. Other council members can consult them for advise on specific topics.

Contact with employees

Within your portfolio you and your council colleagues are on top of all subjects. In meetings with employees, work groups or committees you talk about those subjects on behalf of all students. This way you can influence plans, decisions and reports. Those employees can be managers, but also policy officers or employees in education assisting departments.

Conferring within the faction and student council

Apart from meetings with employees, a lot of conferring is done within the ORAS faction. To choose a faction position on a certain topic or to give updates on your portfolio. Moreover you discuss topics with fellow portfolio holders, with whom you can go into depth a little further.

Finally every month a formal meeting is held with the Executive Board of the university.  This is done by the whole student council, consisting of two parties. In order to prepare for this meeting a monthly cycle is followed. Every week the party chairmen meet in order to achieve formal promises by the Executive Board.

Student input
Every plan, decision or report is considered from the point of view from the students we represent: the active and motivated Delft student. ORAS aims to obtain information from students by holding inquiries, an ORAS-comes-T-U week and by meeting with study and student associations. Through all these types of consultation a lot of student input is obtained on plans and current affairs at the university.