Studentenraad TU Delft

Valérie de Vlam

valerieName: Valerie de Vlam

Age: 20

Study: Mechanical Engineering

Hello, my name is Valérie and this year I will fulfill the function of External Affairs. This means that I will keep all study and student associations up to date with the daily business of ORAS and at the same time I try to be informed on their matters as well. To make this exchange of information as easy as possible I will also attend the SVR (Study Associations Council) and the VeRa (Associations Council) meetings.

Furthermore, Max and I will organize this year’s political campaign, which will be held in the spring of next year. For two weeks, we’ll paint the entire campus in green and yellow to make sure that you vote!

Alongside my function as External Affairs I will be monitoring the quality of the education at Delft University of Technology. Together with Ellard and Josephine I will be responsible for the portfolio Education. My files are BSA, Minors, Innovation of Education and Teacher Quality. Lastly, together with Mathias, I am trying to think of ways in which we can weave entrepreneurship into the curriculum.

These are all issues that we have to deal with as a student. If you have a problem, comment or an idea, please let me know via