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Natalie Brik

natalieName: Natalie Brik

Age: 21

Study: Industrial Design Engineering

I’m Natalie Brik, amanuensis for the 44th faction of ORAS. It is my job as amanuensis to keep up with news, take minutes at meetings and process emails coming in at

My responsibility within the faction is: Facilities, Campus and Housing. Study workplaces are an important dossier, I will commit myself to the quantity, quality and findability of these workplaces. Because of all the plans for new buildings, I have a busy portfolio. For example, I am involved with the horeca facilities of Pulse, but also the lecture halls in other buildings. Within my responsibility for campus, there is also room for new ideas, I will try to find ways to make the it a Living Campus.

Besides my function and my portfolio I am also involved in more meetings. I am responsible for the collaboration with and between Faculty Student Councils. Within the specialisation Communications I think about the appearance and communication flows of the TU Delft.

Do you see any problems at de TU Delft or do you have ideas how to make the campus a Living Campus? Let me know!