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Max Capelle

maxName: Max Capelle

Age: 21

Study: Applied Physics

My name is Max Capelle and this year I will be the Vice-President of ORAS. My job will be to monitor the progress of our policy and to make sure that our decisions comply with our vision. The vision is what makes us unique, and gives students a reason to vote for us!

However, the vision is very broad. To have a more specified scope we use Position Papers. A Position Paper is in fact a vision applied to a certain subject or field. It states background information and the ORAS opinion on that matter.

Apart from being Vice-President, I am working on the portfolio ICT. Matters like replacing the current ‘CLE’ (Blackboard), producing a tool to help you decide which courses you can follow and Collegerama are going to be my occupation this year.

The new CLE will have a strong focus on Online Education. For example MOOCs and courses you can take online. Lectures are recorded using Collegerama, an initiative of ORAS which enables you to watch a lecture whenever it suits you. If you have any questions or suggestions on this subject, please let me know via

This year, Valérie and I will be responsible for the political Campaign of ORAS. Our goal is to maintain our position on the student council, and also to assess what is going on amongst students.