Studentenraad TU Delft

Mathias de Koning

Name: Mathias de Koningmathias

Age: 23

Study: Aerospace Engineering

My name is Mathias de Koning and this year academic year I will fulfil my duty as president of the central student council. The student council consults on regular bases with the Executive Board of the TU Delft as representative of all the students of the TU Delft. We have the right to advise the Executive Board on any topic, and for a lot of decisions our consent is needed. This gives us the strength to realise the maximum achievable for all the students.

The student council consists of ten students, represented by two different parties. This year seven out of ten of last year’s elected students are from ORAS. Also this year ORAS will work hard to accomplish even higher levels of education, good facilities, and extensive opportunities for personal development. This can be elite sports, but also committees at your study association or starting a new enterprise.

For this personal development you can be granted a financial compensation from the university: Regeling Afstudeer Steun (RAS). This is of grave importance to students who have lost some time during their study, not only due to extracurricular activities,  but also when you become unexpectedly ill and are not able to study. RAS will be one of my main portfolios.

Lastly I will look into the financial side of the TU Delft. Because of the increasing student numbers expenses rise. My job will be to check the budget of the TU Delft. I’ll try to make sure enough money comes to the right places  at the university.