Studentenraad TU Delft

Lucas Pijnacker Hordijk

Name: Lucas Pijnacker Hordijklucas

Age: 22

Study: Mechanical Engineering

Hello everyone! My name is Lucas and this year I will be the head of communications on the ORAS faction in the Student Council. It will be my job to provide you with an update on our progression throughout the year. Check out our Facebook to keep track of our achievements!

Together with Josephine, I want to make ORAS more known amongst students. As Student Council party we are representative for all students at the TU Delft, so we need as much input as we can get.
Do you have any problems or suggestions about education, facilities or anything else? Please let us know via!

Aside from communications, I will focus on Student affairs. First of all, Sports & Culture will be remodeled this year. This spells a lot of complications throughout the year and I will try to smoothen communication towards students as much as possible. Also, I will participate in the discussion about the policy after the remodeling next year.
Secondly, I will focus on Internationalization. Delft University of Technology has a growing community of international students. Together with InterDelft I will try to think of ways to make integration between international and national students as smooth as possible.