Studentenraad TU Delft

Josephine Dumas

Ajosephinege: 20

Education: Clinical Technology

My name is Josephine Dumas, and I will have a seat in the Student Council for ORAS. I will work on the Marketing of ORAS. Lucas and I want to achieve that ORAS is more known under students this year. That’s how we can get a lot of input of our students. We will use pamflets, our facebookpage and website to keep our students up to date and to ask for input. We will organise ORAS comes to TU-days where we will collect student’s opinions by serving out surveys on the faculties.

Next to marketing I will be working on education, I will focus on a few subjects. These are masters, quality of education, the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus cooperation and obligations in educations. If you have any questions or ideas on one of these subjects, send me an email (!

At last, I will be on the board of ORAS as general boardmember. With the other boardmembers, who are working parttime, I will run the association ORAS for this year. This association has been set up for students who are interested to think about ORAS and our vision. Every student can be a member! Are you interested? Send an email to