Studentenraad TU Delft

Ellard Volmer

Name: Ellard Volmerellard

Age: 21

Study: Technology Policy and Management

My name is Ellard Volmer and I will be part of the Central Student Council in the academic year of 2016-2017. As treasurer I am responsible for the financial business within our party and to maintain the overview over the cash flows.

Together with Josephine and Valerie I will be working on improving the education at Delft University of Technology. My topics this year will be bachelor inflow, study guidance and extracurricular activities. I will try to increase the accessibility of academic counsellors and to decrease the educational burdens that limit students to do activities outside of their standard curriculum.

I will also be working on the Strategical Development of the TU Delft.  Therefore, I’ll be joining a working group focused on designing a new university wide strategic framework for the next 5 years. And lastly, I will be the delegate of ORAS for the national meeting to discuss educational issues nationwide.