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zxllner_29606940.original.large-4-3-800-137-0-2053-1437 At the beginning of this month ORAS handed out 1275 surveys to investigate the opinions of students about capacity and lecture hours. Per faculty students could fill in how they experience capacity problems and if shifting lecture hours would be a good solution to capacity problems. On introducing evening classes as a solution of the capacity the anwers were clear. Only 15% of the respondents agreed that this would be a good solution.

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Results ORAS Comes TU

December 18th, 2015 | Geplaatst door Noortje van Wageningen in ORAS comes to TU

2015_11_26-Enquete-OKNJT-EN-(print)  Blended learning is being more and more lecturers use digital education materials. But what do students think about this development? At the beginning of the month we asked your opinion. We’ve collected and processed the results with Ans Delft. Want to know what students think about the current format of lectures? Check the results below!

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Foto websiteFor the third time this year, ORAS visited all faculties to give you a cup of coffee and give you hand-out surveys: the ORAS comes TU! This time it was about the investments the DUT has to make. “What would you do with a million euros?” was the question we asked you. We collected 1947 surveys, and the results you can find below! – Lees verder