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The Campaign Committee 2016 introduces themselves

April 29th, 2016 | Geplaatst door Lotfy Hassan in Elections | ORAS

The elections for the Student Council will almost start. That’s why the Campaign Committee is preparing for the campaign. Are you curious who these students are? You can read more about them in this article.

Our number one on the list is Josephine Dumas. Once a week she was a coach of eight freshmen at Laga. She studies Clinical Technology as one of the first, is the smallest girl in the group but she isn’t afraid of anyone.
This incredible hard worker gets hearts melting everywhere with her joyful laugh, from the train to the campus of the TU Delft. Josephine is ready to go, let the campaign begin!

Second, Lucas Pijnacker Hordijk, the first male on the list! As a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student he has a lot experience in Delft. He likes to spend his free time at Virgiel and made this his second home. He met his girlfriend there, has done a few great commissions and knows everybody by now. So it’s time for something else. With his good smile en relaxt appearance he is ready for the campaign!

Number three is Mathias de Koning, our one and only Belgian. His name says it all, he’s a king. He studies Aerospace Engineering, is an active member of Laga and likes to enjoy a beer at DSC. Last year he rowed the Ringvaart and did a great job. He’s currently a member of the Business Club at LAGA. One thing we know for sure, ‘Mattie’ does everything with enthusiasm.

Number four is Max Capelle. He first studied architecture yet he realized his heart belongs to Applied Physics. However, he never lost his creativity. He never leaves his house without his scrapbook with his beautiful sketches. Max is always positive, has a big perseverance and is recognised by his bow tie. Last year he organised the OWee at Sint Jansbrug and did this with success. Now he accepted the challenge to do something totally new: he will wrap himself in yellow-green for two weeks and will rock the campaign!

Valérie de Vlam is fifth on the list and our sophomore on Mechanical Engineering. With her Mechatronica suitcase she makes a lot of heads turn in the hallway of 3mE. In her free time she likes to sport. In the summer she sometimes dives into the ocean to explore the sea bed. With her sparkling personality she makes a lot of people laugh. She also is a DSC-member. This great woman is ready!

Spot six is for Ellard Volmer. He is a soccer player and has been studying Technology, Policy and Management for three years now. He likes to do new things, which is why he studied in Budapest for half a year. He really likes to travel and when he is on holiday, he impresses a lot of people with his surf and wakeboard skills. Ellard is an active member at CSR, where he organised the OWee last year.

Last but not least, Natalie Brik! This enthusiastic girl is creative and a perfectionist. Industrial Design Engineering is like a second home to her.  She is a hard worker and wants to be the best in her study. So, she did her minor in Stockholm last year and will she will finish her bachelor this year, honours program included! In her free time she likes to practice gymnastics at Pegasus and after that she likes to go to CSR. The coming weeks she’ll use all her energy to make the campaign a great succes!

From left to right: Valérie de Vlam, Lucas Pijnacker Hordijk, Ellard Volmer, Josephine Dumas Mathias de Koning, Natalie Brik, Max Capelle


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