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Results survey Capacity and Lecture Hours

March 23rd, 2016 | Geplaatst door Noortje van Wageningen in Education | Facilities | ORAS comes to TU | TU Delft | Working spaces

zxllner_29606940.original.large-4-3-800-137-0-2053-1437 At the beginning of this month ORAS handed out 1275 surveys to investigate the opinions of students about capacity and lecture hours. Per faculty students could fill in how they experience capacity problems and if shifting lecture hours would be a good solution to capacity problems. On introducing evening classes as a solution of the capacity the anwers were clear. Only 15% of the respondents agreed that this would be a good solution.

The university is growing. But do students experience problems in capacity and if so, in which form? The survey gave a couple of examples of problems in capacity, such as the number of fixed desktops or self study places. The results were analyzed with the system of Ans Delft. With each example, respondents could check the box  if they experienced capacity problems.

1. I experience capacity problems in the form of:


Most respondents experience capacity problems in self study places (71%) and group study places (67%). Number of fixed desktops (43%) and feedback on assignments (41%) scored both high as well. More often than at other faculties, students of Industrial Design indicated that the accessibility of academic counselors is a problem (39%). At the faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, a faculty that has been growing rapidly the last couple of years, 87% of the respondents reported that the number of group study places is not enough.

Students in their Masters experience more problems regarding capacity than students in their Bachelors. This is especially the case with the number of fixed desktops, 39% percent of bachelor students ticked this box, while 59% of Master students ticked this box. It was also a possibility to give examples of one’s own. Places during lunch, sockets and graduation projects were some of the frequently given answers.

The last part of the survey was about the possibility of shifting lecture hours as a solution to the capacity problem. Because of national discussions regarding lecture hours during rush hours one question was about the shifting the lecture hours with one hour.

2. I think it would be a problem if lecture hours would shift from 08:45 -17:30 hour to 09:45- 18:30.


3. With limited financial resources, the introduction of evening classes is a good solution to the capacity problems surrounding lecture rooms:


4. With limited financial resources, the introduction of lectures during the lunch is a good solution to the capacity problems surrounding lecture rooms:


Quite remarkable, more respondents experience capacity problems while filling in the 3rd question rather than the 4th question.  An explanation could be that respondents filled in that they need more places during lunch time. Lectures during the lunch would be a solution to this problem.

Interested in more specific results or do you have any other questions. Do not hesitate to email Noortje!

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