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The new Campaign Committee introduces themselves

May 2nd, 2015 | Geplaatst door Ellen Tolboom in Elections | ORAS

The elections for the Student Council will almost start. That’s why the Campaign Committee is preparing for the campaign. Are you curious who these students are? You can read more about them in this article.

Our number one and first chick of the list is Julie Fraiture. This hyperactive girl studies Life Science and Technology and you can always find her on a party with a smile on her mouth from ear to ear. There she’ll make everyone laugh with her smooth moves. Julie is the president of the Carmina at Virgiel. To stay fit she also plays hockey at Dopie.

On the list we find Lex Razoux Schultz, the only one in the group that is already in his masters. Lex is 22 and someone you like to have at your party because of his positive attitude and his willingness to start and participate in political or philosophical discussions. This Mechanical Engineering student has a soft side to him, as he enjoys playing the guitar and piano.

The next one is Loulou Zaat. She is a 21 years old Architecture student with an immense level of creativity. Furthermore she is sporty and loves a good party. Rowing is her thing! Many times a week she can be found on the Schie, rowing for Proteus. Another passion of her is singing, you can hear her beautiful voice under the shower. In the future she might become a singer for Groover!

On the fourth spot is our skyrocketing Johan van den Heuvel. This 20 year old Industrial Design student is always in high spheres. If he’s not busy designing funky things, you’ll find this always cheerful boy on the association called C.S.R. where he is known as Hilly. This big friendly giant is full with great stories (not necessarily true though).

Filling the fifth position on ORAS’ list of candidates for 2015 is Noortje van Wageningen. A spontaneous girl, she’s active in her student fraternity Sint Jansbrug and has interests including foreign cultures and philosophy. This obviously played a part in her choosing to spend a gap year teaching in Nepal and travelling across Asia, before commencing her Civil Engineering degree in Delft. In her free time, you’ll find Noortje in the kitchen, her specialty being green and yellow cookies! Her love for these colours is not by complete coincidence, she’s really looking forward to representing the student body with ORAS next year!

Our always cheerful Lotfy Hassan, a 21 year old Aerospace Engineering student, is placed sixth. In his relatively short life he has travelled a lot and has skydived multiple times. Nowadays he is a part of the Faculty Student Council and an active member of VSV. Knowing a lot of nice recipes, he is also able to make some delicious food!

Last but not least we have our lovely, 21 year old Eva Rikkers. She is a real super-student. Besides the second year of TBM, she also follows the Honoursprogram and she even has made her debut in the local newspaper with her fantastic ideas. But studying is not the only thing Eva does. She is a real party animal who takes on every challenge. Fun fact: Eva just bought a new pair of pink shoes for a backpack journey!


From left to right: Julie Fraiture, Lex Razoux Schultz, Noortje van Wageningen, Eva Rikkers, Lotfy Hassan, Loulou Zaat, Johan van den Heuvel

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