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Selection Dual Bachelor AP/AM

December 9th, 2015 | Geplaatst door Lotfy Hassan in ORAS


During the 188e Board Meeting between the Student Council and Executive Board the “2014 Annual Report of the Committee for Objections and Appeals for Examinations” was discussed. In this document it was stated that the DUT has a selection procedure in place for the dual bachelor Applied Physics / Applied Mathematics, where future students get selected based on their high school grades for Math and Physics. ORAS, in principle, opposes selection, certainly if done solely based on grades. Legally, an university may only select students if an enrollment quota is set, which is not the case for AP nor AM.

ORAS believes that students who enroll in the dual bachelor AP/AM, do so consciously and that they are aware of the difficulty. We recognize that the dual bachelor AP/AM isn’t easy, however, we believe that selection should be an emergency resource that should be used if and only if the quality of education is at stake (not the case here). Additionally, currently students can bypass the selection procedure by enrolling for both Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics. Then you can apply for an exemption with the Board of Examiners for the overlapping courses, which should result in exactly the same curriculum. The only difference is that in the dual bachelor the DUT has taken the curriculum into account when scheduling classes and exams. Would you as a student like to enroll in the dual bachelor AP/AM… no problem, however would you also like a proper curriculum and no overlapping exams then you need high marks for Math and Physics in high school. ORAS disagrees with this implementation of selection and is currently in discussion with staff of Legal Services to find a suitable solution. Do you have any questions? Send an e-mail to

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