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Results of survey sports card

July 7th, 2015 | Geplaatst door Malou Visser in Sports

S&CTo gain more insight into the needs of students when buying a sports card at Unit Sport & Culture, ORAS has recently launched a survey in cooperation with the Delft Student Sport Council. Students who sport at a sports association and students who make use of the facilities individually have both filled in this survey. We have also asked students who haven’t bought a sports card this year to give their opinion. In total 1200 surveys have been completed and this has resulted in the following results!


The most important results are listed below:

  1. Students who haven’t bought a sports card this year would buy one if:
    • the card would be cheaper (54%)
    • there would be a card for a shorter term, such as a card for the semester (50%)
  1. When students would get the option to buy a sports card in the first semester:
    • 60% would still buy a sports card for the whole year
    • 15% would buy a sports card for the first and second semester separately
    • 13% would buy a sports card only for the first semester
  1. Only 10% of the students is aware of the arrangement for reimbursement*.
    • 60% of the students didn’t know this arrangement existed, but didn’t want to use it
    • 30% is not aware of the arrangement as well, but would have used it if they had known about it

* S&C offers an arrangement for reimbursement to students who are not able to use facilities because of an injury, internship or minor abroad.

In order to the new accommodation, which will be realised in 2017, the structure of the sports card will be considered again. This results will be taken in account for this discussion and will be the starting point for the next survey of S&C about the price policy of the sports card.

Click here to read the full results.

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