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New faction of ORAS

July 1st, 2015 | Geplaatst door Suzanne Janssen in ORAS

ORAS F42The 42nd faction is almost finishing their year at the Student Council. We have had a wonderful year, where we’ve been working on Education, Facilities and Student Affairs. Now it is time for the next 7 fresh and green apples! The new faction already divided the different topics among eachother, and they can’t wait for next year to make studying in Delft better for students! 

Lotfy, Loulou and Noortje will start improving Education at the TU Delft. They will be focussing on selection; more and more people start studying at the TU Delft, but how will we make sure this doesn’t affect the quality, and how will we guarantee the TU Delft will stay accessible for everyone? Also the obligations in curricula will stay an important topic. The main question will be: will you become a good engineer by having a lot of obligations? Also the LDE (Leiden-Delft-Erasmus) collaboration will be a big topic; it is already possible to easily follow courses in one of the other cities, but probably in the future the universities will cooperate even more.

Eva and Johan will pay attention to the Facilities on campus. ORAS wants enough workplaces for every student that wants to study on campus. Of course it is important that you feel welcome on campus and that there are possibilities to relax on campus. This must all be supported by good ICT-facilities, like properly working software and WiFi.

Last but not least: Lex and Julie will make sure that the Delft identity will be conserverd. With a grow of more than 50% internationals, it is important that they mix well with the national students: a global mind on campus. Also we want more national students to have possibilities to study abroad. Next to that the Sports and Culture Centre will be renovated. During this renovation, ORAS wants to make sure that students can stay active.

Below a short overview:

Lex Razoux-Schultz – President, Student Affairs
Eva Rikkers – Amanuensis, Facilities Campus and Housing
Johan van den Heuvel – Treasurer, Facilities Campus and Housing (ICT)
Loulou Zaat – Vice-president, Education
Julie Fraiture – External Relations, Student Affairs
Lotfy Hassan – Marketing, Education
Noortje van Wageningen – Communications, Education


F.l.t.r.: Julie, Lex, Noortje, Eva, Lotfy, Loulou and Johan

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