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A renewed Blackboard?

March 18th, 2015 | Geplaatst door Mathijs Hoogland in Changes in education | Education | ICT

computerWe have been using Blackboard for almost 15 years now as our learning management system. Our current contract with Blackboard is ending and with this we are obliged to enter into a European tender procedure to select a platform for the next period.

If you would like to contribute to the selection of our Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE) and provide us with what a CLE should include, please sign up for helping us run and finetune the different scenarios.

To do this we like to start with a kick off meeting where we will show the different environments and scenarios. You can then select your environment and scenario and follow up sessions for the actual testing will be scheduled. But you can also choose to test on your own preferred time and place!

The kick off meeting is being planned and we are looking at either march 31st, april 1st or april 2nd from 17-19 (small snacks and drinks are provided).

You can sign up here and indicate your preferred date.


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