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November 27th, 2014 | Geplaatst door Malou Visser in ORAS | Sports

2014_11_27 Tijdelijke units S&CThe Unit Sports & Culture (S&C) will expand due to the fact of increasing number of students and the overcrowded current accommodation . To make this further growth possible, the S&C will expand with a varied programme of sports and culture facilities, multifunctional classrooms and catering outlets. Furthermore, there will be built a partially covered playground to link together the two sections of Sports & Culture and give space to events. This project is expected to be transferred at the start of 2017.

The Unit Sports & Culture will stay open during the renovation. The renovation is expected to be started in the fall of 2015. There is a chance that some of the facilities are temporarily less available or that a certain shift in the sports and culture programme is needed.  For these reasons, S&C will build two temporary units. These units will be placed at the start of next calendar year to partly overcome the current shortage of the certain sports and other facilities. The temporary units will be installed on the area behind the beach volleyball fields on the S&C site.

In the meantime the Preliminary Design is approved. There are different steering groups who work closely together to give input to the design. The input of the user, the students, plays an important role as well in the process. On that account S&C will work regularly together with consultative groups to present and assess the plans. ORAS is closely involved as well during the project to represent the students.

Would you like to be kept informed? Check regularly the link and keep a close eye on their Facebook.

Do you have any further questions, ideas or complaints about this renovation? Send an email to or look for the contact details written on the website above.


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