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Results ‘ORAS Comes to TU’!

November 25th, 2014 | Geplaatst door Jeroen Delfos in ORAS

2014_11_25_uitslag_OKNJTLast week ORAS was present on different faculties to gain input from students about desktop computers on our campus. We have processed more than a thousand surveys about this topic! Are you curious about the outcome? Click on the tabs to see the results.



The results of the DUT as a whole, and the results per faculty are shown. What you can see is that more than 75% of the students use desktops on campus.

Results of the DUT as a whole


Results per faculty


Here you see why students use desktops.

What strikes the most is that at ‘printing’ was filled in a lot at ‘other’. ORAS is working on an initiative that is making it possible to print from mobile devices. Besides that, there soon will be a manual available that explains how you can print from your laptop.

Also the Wi-Fi signal and the weight of a laptop were pointed out at ‘other’ as reasons for not bringing your laptop to the campus.

Another interesting reason for using a desktop was that a lot of students can’t run all the essential software on their own laptop because they use OS X or Linux as an opperating system.


Here you can see what students see as an acceptable alternative for desktop computers. First on average, and beneath that per faculty. Here you can see that cheap laptops weren’t seen as a good alternative.

A lot of students were happy with the Virtual Desktop system, but often stated that it needs to work faster and better. Also it was noted that it isn’t able to run Linux applications.

Results of the DUT as a whole


Results per faculty


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