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Follow-up actions Global Lunch

December 8th, 2014 | Geplaatst door Malou Visser in Internationalisation

2014_11_12 Global LunchGlobal Lunches are part of the Global Mind programme. The main aim of the lunches is to bring various groups of students and staff together to increase global awareness within the organisation. This refers to the cultural aspects affecting internationalisation, and particularly to generating a global mind-set.

The 2nd Global Lunch was organised on 12 November. The theme of this particular lunch was: global mind and student societies, with a focus on the role of various associations/organisations in the integration between national and international students. Those present included people from study associations, student associations, sports and culture associations, internationally oriented associations and the organisation itself (Unit Sports & Culture).

During the lunch the groups were asked to take a stance at a number of propositions and to write down suggestions for internationalisation. The idea of collaboration between the various parties was also considered. The discussion that had taken place earlier was converted into possible concrete action points.

Concrete follow-up actions:

  1. Develop ISAD (internationally oriented associations) as an important discussion partner for the organisation in the field of internationalisation and integration. Draw this new initiative to the attention of management and the organisation.
  2. Organise a meeting with those responsible for the OWee and the introduction week. Plan brainstorm sessions to consider the possibilities (and impossibilities) of more joint activities in the OWee and the introduction week. Planning Dec/Jan
  3. Explore and analyse the potential of a buddy system for TU Delft. Explore possible cooperation between the different groups. Furthermore, it’s important to facilitate a proper working buddy system where buddies can be matched by hobbies, interests in certain languages or cultures and studies. This program will start off with a small group of buddies. If this is a success, the program will be spread out TU wide.
  4. Look at possibilities to create a communication platform between study assiociations

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